Leica M8/M9 tips

I'd like to share these 3 links that tremendously improve my M9 shooting experience and image quality. 

  1. Rangefinder adjustment - now my fast lenses are pin sharp wide open
  2. High ISO shooting tips - great tips on pushing M9's high ISO capability
  3. Great import preset in Lightroom - the settings give me much more neutral looking images to work with

Don't forget to thank the original posters if you find the tips useful. In addition to these tips, I have a few tips based on my own experiences to share:

  1. Use hood and no filter for best image quality and to avoid flare.
  2. If you have to use filter, B+W 007 neutral filters are great.
  3. Use at least double of focal length as your slowest shutter speed. For example, use 1/100th second as slowest shutter speed for 50mm lenses.
  4. You don't need any accessories for M8/M9, as I haven't found any accessory that improve anything. I have tried and still have: soft release, Luigi half case, thumbs up, Leica hand grip, 1.4X magnifier and external view finders. and I always go back to minimal set up.
  5. Find your "go to" lens and commit to it as much as possible. In my case, 50mm Summilux ASPH it is.
  6. Try Capture One 7, I found C1 gives me the most pleasing result, although its user interface is cumbersome. I use LR4 to manage everything, and use Capture One Pro 7 to treat my keepers.

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