Sony RX100 Album

I picked up this Sony RX100 for those days I feel too lazy to carry a serious camera. This camera is not so friendly to those who enjoy controlling a camera manually. Instead, it likes to make decisions for you. I tried A,S and M modes and couldn't get things to where I like. Let's take M mode as an example, setting ISO is slow comparing to setting shutter speed and aperture. So I would let the camera decide ISO for me, but it's not an option in M mode! How thoughtful.... Similar dead ends in A and S mode as well. The best solution I have found is to relax and use Ai mode. The camera is too smart, it turns to "baby" mode when I point the camera to my 6 month old baby!

The downside of its facial recognition is that it doesn't know who you are intended to focus. I have a few blurry portraits of my wife and kid, but the strangers in the background are in perfect focus, duh~ like the camera has a mind of its own.

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