Noct Nikkor 58mm f1.2

I have been using my D600 for indoor/bad lighting shots, and M9 for any outdoor shots. I guess I am spoiled by modern Leica ASPH lenses and have been trying to find a "magical" Nikkor lens that's comparable to Noctilux. Then a chance came up, I traded my 35 Summilux for this Noct Nikkor with my buddy. It's much more challenging to focus than focusing a Noctilux, especially close range. It's a good idea to check focus indicator in viewfinder when in doubt. In short, I am loving it. It's like a more contrasty Noctilux with close focus capability, most importantly I can use it at ISO25600 with my D600. (ISO1250 is my maximum with M9, f/1.0 doesn't help much)

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