Stowa Flieger Handwinding 6498

I like simple things, and this hand winding Stowa Type-A Flieger glows on me at the first sight. No logo, no decorations and even no second hand, very minimalist design. It's not a watch meant to impress anyone, but just something I will feel good wearing. I will update this post with my own images hopefully by February 2014 (yeah, I know it's a long wait…).

Photo update (June 2016) with new Nato strap and Montblanc 149

New pic from Stowa website

Update 2/18/2014  

I finally received my Stowa! Feels pretty comfortable on my wrist, and it's nicely made.

The dial graphic looks quite balanced and clean, yeah, and I love the design of the crown too.

size comparison, from left to right: mid size IWC MK XVI, Stowa and IWC Big Pilot

Two IWCs have blue-ish optical coating

Stowa Flieger is slightly smaller than IWC F.A. Jones, my other hand wound watch.

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