Square Format / Waist Level Digital Camera Concept

The launch of the first FF interchangeable lens mirrorless camera (AKA Sony A7/A7R) motivates me to do another crazy digicam concept design, since I can't stand the current design trend of mirror less cameras except a few fuji's. The purpose of industrial design is to solve problems. So let's use Sony A7 as an example to see what problems we've got here.

  1. A7 is still like a PDA that takes photos, it has too many buttons but no shutter speed dial. All I need are essentials like aperture, shutter speed, ISO and maybe exposure compensation dials only. Leica M9 and Fuji X-Pro 1 are much simpler and fun to shoot because all of the essentials are made physically available.
  2. What's up with the design aesthetic?! Call me shallow but it pains me by just looking at it. Sony seems to have relationship with Hasselblad, and why not take advantage of it and come up with some interesting renewed classic style cameras? 
That's all, rants over. Since I had a fond memory using my NEX-5 as my waist level digital back for my legacy lenses. I'd do a design of a waist level camera concept. Here's my initial concept, just like a NEX-5, but the screen flips down and comes with collapsible shade. (maybe a foldable magnifying glass on top as well, I'd like to add that at the later stages.) Shutter speed dial is located on the left, like Rolleiflex's design. with a small ISO dial attached on there.  I am not a UI designer, so I just tossed a number of buttons on top of the rear side, to access on screen menus.  Shutter release will be located on the lower right, again, just like a Rolleiflex. That's all for the first round. I'll update this post with updated/refined designs and maybe 3D rendering if the design comes out interesting enough. Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by.

Update #1 (Dec 27 2013)
Here's how it looks when using super-wides, as well as some thoughts on the top plate.

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