Am I an inspiration to Leica's design team?

Design coincidences that raised my suspicion:

1, The idea of a screenless Leica M - I posted this idea on Rangefinder Forum in 2011 ( link here ), and we see an M60 (first screenless digital M) in 2014.

2, Reviving ISO dial from analog M - It's kind of an easy design decision when we get rid of the screen, but it was me who came up with the idea first!  :-)

3, Thumb wheel - There are better design solutions than utilizing a thumb wheel, so I killed it in earlier design phase. (however, it showed up on M240)
4, Repurposing M2 style rewind knob - I am kind of proud of this one. It brings digital M closer to its heritage both esthetic-wise and function-wise.
On top of all these "design coincidences". Plot thickens when someone who works for Leica sat down with me and chatted about the potential collaboration (which never happened) in January 2014.
Just a proof that I am not crazy.

What do I want? 

  1. To Vent! more than anything else.
  2. Employee discount on an M10 when my M9 dies (knock on wood)
  3.  Collaboration - I am made with ideas. Call me, Leica.

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