35mm Lens Death Match Part 1 - Center Performance

Mirrorless is probably the best platform to test lens for geeks like me. I ran the test with my Fuji X Pro-1 this morning and tried my best to be as professional as possible. These shots were taken with a tripod and a cable release to avoid camera shake, and I used maximum magnification on manual focusing every tested lenses including Fujinon 35mm 1.4. The point of focus is on the tip of the acupuncture needle. $10 bill was placed in angle to detect focus shift, as we have a major suspect in this regard. ISO400 on A mode under window light. All shot in raw format, no post processing except identical cropping in Lightroom 4 , then exported them in PSD format to Photoshop to do the layout.

It's kind of silly but I also tested my 35mm Summicron-R and 35mm Nikkor AF-D on Nikon D600 while I was still at it. Same setup, except no 1.5 crop factor on the additional test.

I can't find a way to display the chart in full size here, but you should be able to see the X Pro 1 test only and mixed test <-here.

Fujinon's images look washed out comparing to those from Leica M lenses, by f5.6 the Fuji is as sharp as Summilux ASPH at f2.0.

Summilux ASPH's focus shift is no news to some of us, at f1.4 it's as sharp as FLE, but it gets softer at the smaller apertures as the focus drifts away.

Summilux FLE takes the crown in this test, for the price, it better be, lol.

Summicron v4 is sharper than Summicron ASPH in the center, what a surprise!

Summicron ASPH's focus seems to drift away and loose sharpness as aperture closes down.

Too bad I can't test my Nokton 35mm f1.2 as the Fuji M adapter doesn't fit...

The off-center comparisons are HERE!
Fuji 35mm & 4 Leica lenses
2 more SLR lenses

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