Screen-less digital Leica M camera concept

Yep, just like using a film camera in good old days, no chimping. If all the essential adjustments are made physically available (through buttons and dials), a digital camera can afford not to have a screen. The screen-less design actually makes user experience more pleasant and connected. The more I use my M9, the less I bother to check the rear LCD for following reasons:
1, The screen is too crappy to be used as visual reference to confirm focus accuracy
2, Just found out I don't have to adjust ISO on M9!
3, I shoot raw and I adjust white balance in post processing
4, I use 32gb card and I always pick the keepers in computer

Try using your digital camera without chimping. You might like it :-)
Simple console window on top plate, rewind knob served as exposure compensation dial.

Front view

Analog style battery level indicator and "frame counter"

Film advance lever to cock shutter, exp comp and ISO on the back, rewind knob as "play" button

Front view... yeah, looks just like an MP


Early design phase
Early design phase
Early design phase
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