Omas Milord Teal Limited Edition

Instead of getting a Nakaya Piccolo or Sailor King of Pen with Naginata Togi nib, I bought this Omas Milord for its look. And it turned out to be a big mistake! The nib is not quite attached to feeder, and the nib/feeder assembly is not perfectly aligned to the barrel, about 1ยบ off. It really doesn't look that off but it writes funkily because of the tilted nib. I really want to like this pen so I decided to exchange it for another one and hope for the best. I'll report back when I receive a replacement.

Now I look at my Paragon and the nib is tilted as well, just not as bad and as noticeable as this teal Milord.  If I hold the pen with nib pointing up, Milord's nib is leaning to the left and Paragon's nib is leaning to the right. Maybe I should have stayed with Japanese pens (even though I am not that thrilled about the design/styling)... sigh


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