Sony A7

I knew I'll eventually get an A7 when it first launched, but I hate the design so much and decided to wait and see if Sony will somehow improve the design for the 2nd gen. It turned out the A7 ii is not much different from the original one. So I gave up and bought an used original A7. It works as I expected, like an universal digital back with annoying menu system. Complains aside, I am glad that I can use my orphaned M42 lenses again and using Leica M-mount lenses in super close focus distance. Here's my thoughts on A7:


  • Great price for a full frame camera
  • Ability of adapting all kinds of lenses
  • Great image sensor with right amount of pixels
  • Flexibility


  • Camera body design/styling
  • Complicated user interface
  • Terrible ergonomic


  • Yes

I don't have (and don't plan to get) any native FE lenses, since I already have a D600 which autofocuses faster and there are so many affordable high performance AF Nikkor lenses, especially the 1.8G series.

With Noctilux V4

With CZJ 75mm Biotar

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