Omas Paragon fountain pen

This Omas Paragon is big and heavy, however it fits my hand comfortably for some reason. The weight helps to dampen the vibration and it requires little pressure to write. Omas stopped producing their own nibs in the early 2000's and the German made Bock nibs on the new Omas are quite nice. It sounds great, glides across paper effortlessly the the wetness is about right (slightly on the wet side). I just hope Omas pays a little more attention to assemble it right. The nib on my Paragon is not perfectly centered (the feed is centered though), and I am waiting on my 3rd Milord as previous two have different QC issues...

I have been using Paragon exclusively for the past few weeks, and now I feel my Sailor Pro Gears and other similar pens are too small now... Maybe big pens fit me better (I am seeing Sailor KOP, MB 149 and Aurora 88 in my future).

As much as I love this Paragon, I won't buy another Omas pen again (unless I buy locally to cherry pick/test drive). The chance of getting a lemon Omas is simply too high.

The misaligned nib is kind of visible from this photo.

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