Converting Leica R lenses to Nikon F mount

I received a pair of Leica R to Nikon F bayonets from Leitax at the last day of 2012 (Thanks to David @ Leitax). It turns out to be easy conversions including 60mm Macro-Elmarit. I thought the conversion procedure is technically challenging, but it actually isn't that complicated. I am happy with the quality of the bayonets and the friendly service from Leitax. I highly recommend Leitax to anyone who's looking for Leica R to Nikon conversions. I am glad that I still hold on to these two lenses after Leica abandoned R10 plan.

In the middle


"Dad, is that a 3 Cam 35mm Summicron-R on your Nikon?!"

Crop of above picture, ISO 2500, wide open at f2.0

Summicron-R 35mm 3 Cam

Macro-Elmarit 60mm ROM
Happy self portrait after successful lens conversions

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