Intense 6.6 in raw

I built this Intense 6.6 back in 2007 when I lived near many trailheads in Pasadena, CA. This is my all time favorite bike, and I've spent some time unlocking its full potential. It was quite a journey finding the perfect rear shock for this bike.  6.6 originally came with a Fox DHX Air, which I found lacking in mid stroke support (mushy, blows thru travel way too quick), and is impossible to tune to where I like. Fox RP3 is overall better for a 6.6, but still not sensitive enough for small/high frequency surface condition. Then I got Cane Creek Double Barrel by Ohlins. It was the best shock I've ever used until I tried PUSH Van-R. The differences are very minor.  The traction of CCDB is quite remarkable, it makes me feel the rear wheel is being glued to the ground (which might be a big plus to some).  However I prefer VAN-R's more "lively" character and it somehow makes me feel the bike is lighter and more agile, too.

I was riding a blue medium size 6.6 for a couple years, then swapped to this large frame after trying my buddie's large 6.6 (Intense's size chart says I am in between M & L, well...).  The blue frame was quite beautiful too. Please see my other post here.
Final setting
There wasn't any one point five Fox forks back then
Industry Nine Enduro, its noise successfully annoyed more than half of a million people on YouTube
Magura Louise & Goodridge stainless steel hydraulic lines
DT Swiss 10mm thru axle
In short, I went for PUSH VAN R at the end
POV shot
Sunset Ridge

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